About me

I've been programming websites and apps for 10 years – I've started with small business home pages, but learned the web's possibilities fast and started building web portals and applications. At the moment, I'm able to code anything which my skills in HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Python, PHP and SQL allow.

I'm designing and developing solutions in WordPress, Slim & Symfony, as well as in clients' internal frameworks and systems. My past projects include parts of web apps used daily by thousands of users, blogs, websites, social apps, internal social networks and even enterprise air conditioning units status visualisations.

In my free time I build inventions in different fields: I'm building an e-bike, code a bunch of web stuff, fiddle with electronics. I love reading, be it books, articles or manuals. My ambition is to produce clean meat, one in processing of which no animal was neither killed nor harmed. To get closer to that goal, I've studied biotech at WrUST recreationally.